Many people who have been abroad or are looking to come to the UK for a holiday and need to convert USD (Dollars) to GBP (Pounds)? We have provided below a simple way to convert US Dollars to Brtish Pounds, using the latest available rate, using the latest daily rate. In order to use the converter, enter whichever amount you wish to convert from, US Dollars on the left and British Pounds on the right and your amount will instantly be calculated - it's free and simple to convert dollars to pounds. FX Rates are updated daily and therefore the latest available rate will always be used.

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Foreign Exchange rate updated daily at around 3pm GMT (except weekends) - 1 USD ($ or United States Dollars) is the eqivalent of 0.79 GBP (£ or Great British Pounds) - alternatively, 1 British Pound is currently equal to 1.26 US Dollars - (updated: 20 June 2024)

People who use this site

Many people who visit this site are either here to determine how much their holiday will cost them in their local currency. In addition, Many people wish to price something they wish to purchase from an overseas retailer who may not quote in the local currency.

Tourists visiting the United States or the United Kingdom find this a useful resource to determine roughly what they should be getting for their US Dollars or British Pounds when they visit a retail forex location.

Why do I always get less cash than the rate you quote from a retail forex provider?

Retail foreign exchange providers earn a small commission and also usually provide a slightly worse rate than the rate quoted here, which is generally obtained from the central banks, which is what large institutional banks obtain. Essentially, the commission and rate help keep the currency exchange provider in business, but it's always worth shopping around for your forex requirements, especially with larger conversions.

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Last update: 20 June 2024

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