What happened?

Well, after Brexit and now with Donald Trump as the future president of the US, it seems the currency market has been in turmoil. On the evening of the vote, sterling actually made gains against the dollar. However, as the first result rolled in, the pound immediately went down around 12%. The following morning, GMT time, that pain went even further with the a pound only buying $1.35. There was further turmoil, with some speculators saying it would drop further, and they were right (eventually). After a few comments from the new prime minister, the pound against dropped and right now, in November 2016, it's hovering around 0.80 against the dollar. Who knows what will happen in the future, but one date to watch out for is post-inauguration of President Trump and those first few days in the White House. Only time will tell!

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This site is now fully encrypted, so that means that we serve up the site and you can be guaranteed that no-one else is doing anything dodgy between you and us!

New 30 day history

We've added a 30 day dollar to pound history so you are now able to see the last 30 days of rates for the US Dollar to British Pound exchange rate. We hope that this is helpful, let us know with any comments if you need other features!

UK Pound weakening?

We live in interesting times, those of you who follow the movement of the US Dollar to the UK pound will notice from the exchange rate graph, specifically the 3-month view, will see that the pound has been weakening against the dollar and also other major currencies. It recently crossed the 0.65 US dollars to the pound threshold for the first time since around January 2012, which is fairly significant. This could be as a result of the perception of the weak UK economy and the technical recession which the UK is currently experiencing. Time will tell how the pound fares.

New backend updates

We're now sourcing more accurate data for FX rates in the database, so you should see more accurate and timely rates coming through. We hope you are continuing to enjoy the site and hope you will like us on Facebook or give us a tweet! Thanks

More graphing functionality added

We've added additional functionality to the FX graph - you can now get all data, the prior year or the last 3 months!


We created USD to GBP to make it easy to convert dollars to pounds. The hope is that it makes is simple to do the conversion, using the latest rates. Also provided are common exchange rate conversions and graphing capabilities to show trends. New features will be added over time to provide enhancements or existing functionality.

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